Buying a Diamond


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Your engagement is a promise to your future and choosing a diamond ring is a hugely important investment in your relationship.

Appleby Promise

At Appleby your investment is in safe hands. We have guided countless engaged couples over more than sixty years in business towards choosing the perfect ring for them. Perfect does not mean the most expensive, or the largest diamond. At Appleby, perfect means best value for money and the highest quality in diamond, design and craftsmanship. It means, perfect – for you.

Our expert team will advise you on style and settings, making sure your diamond buying experience is simply magical.
Prepare to be dazzled...


An Appleby diamond sparkles like no other. We choose only one in 100 diamonds for its beauty and brilliance. Every diamond is expertly and personally selected. We offer more because we care more. Beyond the 4Cs – the system by which diamonds are graded internationally – we promise the Appleby C’s.

  • CARE
    We care more.
    Every day our customers experience the level of attention-to-detail and thoughtfulness that make the Appleby difference.You should believe in the person you are buying from.

    Care for customers
    You should believe in the person you are buying from.
    Appleby are in business for over 60 years. John Appleby said "You should only buy a diamond from someone who has a reputation they are afraid to lose." Learn more about The Appleby Story.

    We promise our customers the very best in service, selection and value.
    The Appleby experience is built on one unique promise: we care, you matter. Our commitment to each customer is to ensure you are entirely satisfied in every resepect. Learn more about Our Commitment to you.

    Commitment to customers
    We only sell ethical diamonds, genuinely certified and the best your money can buy.
    We are here to assist in the event of damage, accident or wear and tear to your diamond ring. From the moment you purchase your ring. For your lifetime. Discover more about our dedication to only dealing with ethical diamonds.

    A diamond’s unique beauty is accentuated through design & craftsmanship.
    Each diamond is cut to maximise its sparkle. Your diamond ring is created by hand in our Dublin workshop by our team of master diamond crafts people.

    Craftsmanship of Diamond rings

    Your diamond ring should be as unique as you are.
    Create a truly bespoke ring with our design and workshop team. Find out more on the Design & Craftsmanship page.

    Custom design