Our Commitment To You


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The Appleby Experience is built on one unique promise: we care, you matter.

We promise each of our customers the very best in service, selection and value. This commitment to quality begins the moment we select our diamonds. Each week in Antwerp a member of the Appleby family hand selects just one in every hundred diamonds offered.

Appleby Promise

Every Appleby diamond is ethically sourced and complies fully with the Kimberley Process; a globally recognised standard in the elimination of illegally smuggled, or 'conflict' diamonds. Therefore, you can enjoy peace of mind in knowing that the diamonds that will give you so much pleasure have been sourced with the greatest of care.

At Appleby, our number one commitment is to offer our customers only the very best in quality and value throughout Ireland.



"My fiancé Peter, told me the story of the day he walked down to your store. He was petrified and extremely nervous, and when he rang the doorbell he was greeted by a very welcoming smile and the words "the hardest part was walking through the door, now come on in and let me look after you". Joan was the memeber of your staff who looked after Peter so well and helped him choose my dream engagement ring.

When we got engaged in March, everyone wanted to know about my fabulous ring and Peter told all of our friends and family about Joan from Appleby's. He was so proud of the decision they made together over many chats during those few weeks and insisted that we both pop in to visit.

Last Saturday we decided it was the day we were going to both buy our wedding bands and we were hoping that Joan would be there, lo and behold, there she was "Peter she said yes!!".

Joan took us into a private room and really looked after us. She was so genuinely happy for us and she was everything Peter had told me she was. We bought our wedding rings that day and it was such a special experience I'll never forget, all thanks to Joan.

We will definitely be back to buy from Joan again and we will be spreading the word about your wonderful staff and store.

Congratulations to you and your team on your exceptional customer service."

Ciara, the furture Mrs. Curtis




Appleby Jewellery Workshop

To find out more about our design service, visit our craftsmanship page to learn about our design studio's dedication to creating the most brilliant diamond rings and beautiful pieces of jewellery.


Appleby master craftspeople can remodel a diamond ring to our own exceptional standard, and create a stunning new design. Contact us for a consultation.