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/ 12 November 2015

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Diamond is the hardest naturally occurring material known to man, but it’s still subject to the same issues of wear and tear that affect all pieces of jewellery. If you have a special stone that you want to keep in tip top condition, these useful tips should help you to retain its sparkle for many years to come.


Whilst diamonds are reasonably durable, they are certainly not immune to breakage. Prevention is always better than cure, which is why it’s so important to take steps to protect your diamond jewellery. When wearing your jewellery, try not to handle it too much - you may not realise, but your fingers produce enough oil to have a negative influence on its appearance. Let it sit naturally, and only touch the stone when necessary.


It’s not just oil that can affect the stone’s shine. It’s also essential to ensure that your diamond does not come into contact which any harsh chemicals, including those from hairspray, perfume or other similar products. These substances can discolour the precious metal of the piece as well as affecting the appearance of the stone itself, so be sure to put your jewellery on after you spritz.


If you’re cleaning, gardening, or performing any other energetic tasks around the house, we suggest that you take your jewellery off. Not only can the chemicals in cleaning products tarnish the jewellery, the risk of chipping or shattering your diamond is greatly increased by the vigorous movement necessary for a number of household chores.


Similarly, diamonds should always be removed before exercise, particularly swimming, as chlorine, diamonds and precious metals do not mix well. When you’re not wearing your jewellery, ensure that it is stored in a safe place.


It is worth investing in a professional cleaning solution for your diamond. Soak the jewellery according to the instructions on the bottle, and then use a soft brush to remove any dirt or grime that may have built up. Dry the piece with a lint-free cloth, and then gently polish it to enhance its overall shine. Whilst you are cleaning, inspect the setting of the stone, and make sure that all of the prongs are still intact. If you notice any looseness or damage, take your piece to your local jeweller, who should be able to advice on the best course of action for repair, thus preventing the possibility that the diamond could fall out and become lost.

If you bought a diamond ring at Appleby, bring your ring annually to Johnson’s Court to have the security of the setting checked and to have it cleaned (while you wait). An Appleby diamond sparkles like no other, particularly after cleaning!


Always clean your diamonds before you store them, to keep them in the best condition possible. Good options for storage include specially made boxed, fabric lined cases, or drawstring pouches, but whichever method you decide on, you must make sure that you have individual storage facilities for each piece. Pieces that are stored together can easily get tangled and damage each other - if diamonds can cut glass, they can definitely scratch another piece of jewellery! If you have a jewellery box, use a divider or compartment system to keep each piece separate and safe. Once they have been placed in the box or pouch, put your diamonds in a secure place, away from excessive light or heat. If you follow all of these steps, they should remain in perfect condition and ready to wear.


Customers have brought rings to us over the years for repair, having damaged the diamond in various ways, some of which may not seem obvious! Always remain alert to potential damage to your precious diamond ring  and when in doubt, store away carefully - safe for you to appreciate for years to come.

Of course, a beautiful diamond, like the Appleby Heavenly Haze ring in our feature pic, is intended to be enjoyed. When due caution is taken, you can be confident a well-crafted, quality ring should withstand normal daily wear. And remember, in the event of damage to your Appleby diamond ring, we are here to assist and advise.