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Engagement, wedding, eternity. The 3 rings of marriage.

Gerry Appleby / 04 June 2015

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A long term, committed relationship will generally feature three important rings – an engagement ring, a wedding ring, and an eternity ring. Here at Appleby, we understand the importance of choosing the right piece of jewellery for every big occasion in your marriage, which is why we’ve put together a guide to the history, tradition and most popular styles for each type of ring.


Engagement rings originated as early as Ancient Egyptian times. Their circular shape was used to represent a never-ending cycle of a couple’s relationship. As the years went on, they developed into a symbol of commitment, fidelity and love, and they still represent those values today. Engagement rings are traditionally given at the time of proposal, although some couples decide to choose the ring together at a later date. Generally, it is only the bride that wears the engagement ring, but more and more modern couples are choosing to break this tradition and choose a ring for each other.

The most common style of engagement ring is a round cut diamond solitaire – this platinum diamond ring is a perfect example of a classic engagement ring design. However, there is a variety of other styles, cuts and on the market, all of which are just as suitable and stunning. Coloured stone rings, such as this sapphire Empress ring, or stones with multiple diamonds, like this yellow gold Garland ring, are also very popular choices.


Conventional wedding rings are plain bands given during the exchange of marriage vows, and are generally worn by both members of a couple. The bride’s ring is usually thinner than the groom’s, but they are often made of the same precious metal – usually the same metal that the engagement ring is made from.

Wedding bands range from smart and simple designs, such as this yellow gold ladies ring, to bands with more detail or intricacy. This 18ct white gold men’s ring, for instance, has a groove pattern with a highlighted centre line, and this two tone wedding band is set with yellow and white gold, adding an interesting new element to a typical wedding band design.


There is no set occasion where it is customary to give an eternity ring, but anniversaries or special days such as Christmas and birthdays are popular choices. Like an engagement ring, it is generally the lady who receives an eternity ring, but couples can both wear one if they so choose.

Eternity rings are usually set with a circle of continuous diamonds, which are said to represent the never-ending love in a relationship. This full hoop diamond eternity ring with a polished platinum border is a stunning example, but there are many more designs available at Appleby.

If you want more information or advice on the types of ring available, visit the Appleby website or pay us a visit in store.

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2 Comment(s)

Linda Cody

9th June 2015

Every occasion deserves a momento that captures the joy of the event and I hold my Appleby jewellery close to my heart as they remind me of so many happy times with my loved ones. Thank you Appleby.

Jayne Murphy

8th March 2015

I love the range and choice avaialable at Appleby Jewellers. I will hopefully be buying all my significant rings with them.