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/ 21 January 2018

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Every diamond is unique. Although you may get two diamonds that are certified as being a particular level of clarity, or the same cut, you will never find two diamonds that are completely identical in a particular aspect. Possible variations in loose diamonds include:


The brightest and whitest diamonds are considered the most desirable, but often stones will vary from completely colourless to degrees of yellow to shades of very light brown. Even two stones which have the same colour grading on their certificate can vary when presented to the naked eye.


Clarity refers to any inclusions, flaws or blemished that the diamond has. Diamonds with the fewest imperfections are seen as the most valuable, but this can vary from certificate to certificate.


Although cut refers to particular proportions and lines within a diamond’s shape, therefore appearing to be particularly technical, measurements and facet angles can differ between diamonds that are deemed to have the same cut.


Brilliance refers to the brightness and sparkle that comes directly from the heart of a diamond. It is identifiable through sight, rather than a particular grade or ranking.


Polish refers to the condition of the diamond’s service after the polishing process – another predominantly visual aspect. It is assessed on a scale which ranges from ‘excellent’ to ‘poor’ but again, there is room for variation within these categories.

Certificates are certainly important, as they guarantee the quality and standard of a particular stone. However, because of these many possible variations in their grading systems, it is also important for jewellers to select diamonds on their visual beauty, as well as their certified qualities. This is where hand selection becomes so important.

Instead of just choosing a stone based on a piece of paper, hand selection enables an experienced jeweller to examine every aspect of a particular diamond for themselves, both with their naked eye and a variety of external tools. This means that any blemishes, inclusions, imperfections, or other flaws, will be noticed, even if they have not been noted on the certificate.

Here at Appleby, we are committed to hand selecting only the finest quality diamonds for our customers to wear and enjoy. We source our diamonds directly from Antwerp in Belgium, the largest diamond district in the world, to ensure that we get first pick from the many thousands of stones which pass through the area, and only select around one in a hundred of the diamonds we are offered. By ensuring the every one of our diamonds has been examined by hand and selected for its visual beauty as well as its certifiable features, we can be confident that every piece of diamond jewellery that we sell is the best it can possibly be. If you’re looking to invest in a hand selected diamond of the highest possible quality, take a look at our online collections or pay us a visit in our Dublin store.