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Emerald and Diamond Earrings
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The "Mirage" Tanzanite and Diamond Ring €24,950.00
The "Ascot" with Radiant Cut, Yellow Gold €24,950.00
The "Tranquility" with Cushion Cut, Yellow Gold €19,995.00
Ruby and Diamond Trilogy, Yellow Gold €19,495.00
Classic Pear Cut Solitaire, Yellow Gold €17,995.00
Precious Gemstone Bracelet €16,950.00
The "Eminent" Champagne Cushion Cut Diamond, Platinum €16,795.00
The "Amity" With Radiant Cut Platinum €14,995.00
Vintage Style Sapphire and Diamond, Platinum €14,995.00
The "Amity" with Cushion Cut Yellow Diamond €13,750.00
The "Ariel Dual" Two Stone Ring, Yellow Gold €13,695.00
The "Tranquility" with Emerald Cut, Yellow Gold, 1.78ct total €13,595.00
The "Tranquility" with Round Brilliant and Trillions, Platinum €12,995.00
The "J'adore" Oval Diamond with Pavé Band Yellow Gold, 1.50ct total €12,795.00
The "Legato" Radiant Cut 3 Stone €12,795.00
Baguette and Round Diamond Circle Pendant, Larger Size
Sold out
Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet €12,750.00
The "Kate Petal" with Oval Diamond Platinum, 1.94ct total €12,600.00
Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet €12,595.00
White Gold Diamond Bracelet €12,470.00
The "Glamorous" Trilogy, Platinum €11,895.00
18ct Yellow Gold Solitaire Diamond Pendant €10,995.00
The "Imperial" Solitaire, Yellow Gold €10,995.00
The "Kate Flower" Ruby and Diamond, Yellow Gold €10,995.00
The "Kate Flower" with Emerald Cut Diamond, Platinum €10,950.00
The "Kate Flower", Cushion Style, Yellow Gold €10,895.00
The 'Wisdom' Ring, Platinum €10,795.00
The "Glitter" Trilogy, Platinum €10,595.00
The "Corinne" Marquise Diamond, Diamond Set Band, 1.45ct total €10,395.00
The "Tranquility" with Oval Diamond Platinum, 1.28ct total €10,350.00
The "Temptress" with Round Brilliant, Yellow Gold, 1.31ct total €10,250.00
The "Tulip" with Oval Diamond, Yellow Gold, 1.35ct €10,250.00
The "Corinne" with Ruby €9,995.00
The "Grand Tuscany" Platinum €9,995.00
The "Amity" with Pear Diamond Platinum €9,995.00
18ct White Gold Diamond Tennis Bracelet €9,950.00
The "Garland" Ring, Yellow Gold €9,950.00
18ct Gold "Lucia" Bangle Marco Bicego €9,860.00
Simple Diamond Pendant €9,595.00
Diamond Circle of Life Pendant
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The "Corinne" Oval Diamond, Diamond Set Band, 1.34ct total €9,300.00
Sapphire and Diamond Earrings €8,995.00
The "Corinne" Oval Diamond Yellow Gold €8,995.00
The "Decor" Five Stone Ring, Yellow Gold €8,995.00
Sapphire and Diamond Cluster Earrings €8,995.00
18ct Gold and Diamond Triple Strand "Masai" Bracelet Marco Bicego €8,860.00
The "Imperial" Solitaire, Yellow Gold, 1.10ct €8,795.00
The "J'adore" with Round Brilliant and Pavé Diamond Band, 1.20ct total €8,795.00
The "Corinne" Radiant Diamond, Diamond Set Band €8,795.00