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Pearl Stud Earrings 7 x 7.5mm €135.00
Pearl Pendant and Chain €125.00
Three Tone Three Ring Pendant
Sold out
Three Tone Pearl Pendant €275.00
Pearl Stud Earrings 10 x 11mm €295.00
Cubic Zirconia Rose Stud Earrings
Sold out
9ct Two Tone Knot Studs
Sold out
White Gold Solitaire Aquamarine Pendant €335.00
Two Tone Double Circle Pendant
Sold out
Pearl Earrings with Cubic Zirconia Surround
Sold out
Gold Byzantine Bracelet €445.00
9ct Gold Hoop Earrings Lined Finish €115.00
9ct Gold Hoop Earrings Diamond Cut Finish
Sold out
Yellow Gold Filligree Stud Earrings
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Solitaire Opal Pendant €345.00
Gold Interlinking Hoop Necklace
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Gold and Diamond Twist Circle Pendant €495.00
Gold Bar Pendant
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Blue Topaz Drop Earrings, White Gold €575.00
9ct Yellow Gold Knot Earrings
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9ct Gold CZ Circle Pendant €345.00
Silver Hollow Rugby Ball Cufflinks €120.00
Rose and White Gold Cubic Zirconia Circle Pendant €245.00
Pearl Drop Earrings Yellow Gold
Sold out
Gold Feather Pendant
Sold out
Gold Angel Wing Pendant
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Gold and Diamond Twist Circle Earrings €395.00
9ct Gold Multi Link Bracelet €349.00
9ct Gold T-Bar Pendant €395.00
9ct Herringbone Style Bracelet
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Pearl Bracelet Yellow Gold 7-7.5mm €345.00
Pearl and Diamond Drop Earrings €395.00
Gold World Map Pendant
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Bezel Set Aquamarine and Diamond Pendant €595.00
Blue Topaz Pendant, White Gold €595.00
9ct Yellow Gold Diamond Circle Pendant
Sold out
9ct Gold Compass Pendant
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14ct Pendant with Roped Edge Yellow Gold €375.00
Two Tone Circle Necklace
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Pearl and Diamond Pendant €595.00
Gold Mesh Link Bracelet €595.00
Pear and Cubic Zirconia Circle Pendant
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Gold and Cubiz Zirconia Pendant
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Circle Two Tone Diamond Earrings €675.00
Aquamarine and Diamond Pendant €750.00
Diamond Hoops Yellow Gold €750.00
9ct Gold Oval Link Bracelet €695.00
9ct gold 2 tone knot bracelet
Sold out
9ct Gold Dreamcatcher Pendant €175.00