Wedding Rings Buying Guide

When it comes to choosing a wedding ring, it's not just a piece of jewellery, but a symbol of love and commitment that will be cherished for a lifetime. At Appleby Jewellers Dublin, we understand the significance of this special token, which is why we take pride in crafting our own rings in our workshop right here in Dublin. In this in-depth guide, we will provide you with helpful advice, knowledge on metals, and useful tips to assist you in finding the perfect wedding ring.

The Meaning of Wedding Rings

Wedding rings have been a symbol of love and unity for centuries. They represent the eternal bond between two individuals and serve as a constant reminder of the vows exchanged on the wedding day. The circular shape of a wedding ring has no beginning or end, symbolizing the everlasting nature of love and commitment.

When choosing a wedding ring, it's important to consider the significance it holds for you and your partner. Whether you prefer a classic design or a more unique style, the ring should reflect your personal taste and the love you share.

Choosing the Right Metal

One of the most important decisions when buying a wedding ring is selecting the right metal. Each metal has its own unique characteristics, and understanding them will help you make an informed choice.

1. Gold

Gold is a popular choice for wedding rings due to its timeless appeal and durability. It is available in different colors, including yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. Yellow gold is the traditional choice, while white gold offers a modern and sleek look. Rose gold, with its warm and romantic hue, has gained popularity in recent years.

2. Platinum

Platinum is a rare and precious metal known for its strength and purity. It is naturally white, hypoallergenic, and resistant to tarnish. Platinum wedding rings are a symbol of luxury and elegance, making them a popular choice for those seeking a sophisticated and long-lasting ring.

Matching your engagement ring
But where to start is the big question? As a general rule, it’s a good idea to match the widths of rings with your engagement ring, i.e. thin with thin width or chunky with chunky width. However, there are no hard and fast rules as it’s down to personal choice. There are many websites to browse for ideas, and by doing so, you’ll have a firmer plan of what you may wish to try on to see how the rings sit on your finger. 

Women’s wedding ring styles
There are basically two styles, traditional and modern. 
Chanel set – is very popular and includes a set of diamonds.
Comfort fit – these are rounded on the inside and create a tighter but comfortable fit on your finger.
Pipe wedding band – this is cut off a pipe and has straight edges and a straight flat top and is often called a flat cut wedding ring.
Pave wedding band – a very popular style with an expensive and classy look with tiny diamonds making the ring highly attractive and affordable.
Prong-set bands - this style has metal prongs holding together a series of diamonds in place.
Wide wedding bands – a very modern trendy style, and the band width should be at least 7mm, but make sure it sits well with your engagement ring. 
Matching engraved rings - heartfelt personal engravings on the inside of rings are very popular, and again it’s a very personal choice. 
Men’s wedding rings
It was during WW1, when men were separated from their wives, that wearing a ring became popular, and today sees a high percentage of men choosing a ring as a solid union of marriage. That said, there are no hard and fast rules on wearing one, and it’s purely down to individual choice. 
If your husband-to-be likes to be trendy, then look at some of the vast ring selection listed below:
  • Gold and stainless steel crystal ring
  • Gold carbon fibre
  • Brushed silver tungsten
  • Wood inlay with black tungsten
  • Chinese dragon steel 
  • Oxidised silver and gold ring
  • Silver and rose gold
  • Blue crystal tungsten
Caring for your wedding ring
Most people choose to wear their wedding ring constantly; however, some activities my damage the ring, including:
  • Water activities can loosen the ring, and it may fall off, so it’s best to take it off beforehand.
  • Gardening, unless you’re wearing protective gloves, as you may well lose the ring in compost or plants.
  • Sports activities can cause damage and even loss of the ring.
  • Operating any machinery, so it’s best to take your ring off beforehand.
  • Sleeping with a ring on can cause damage by either scratching yourself or your partner or the ring becoming tangled in your hair.
  • Baking or working with sticky products can also cause damage to rings.
  • When pregnant, it’s advisable to take off your wedding ring as your hands are bound to swell and can often cause difficulty in removing it.
Should you get rings insured?
As your ring is highly valuable and sentimental, it’s certainly advisable to get it insured, either for the ring and your jewellery alone or as items added to your home insurance policy.

Our Top Tips for Buying a Wedding Ring

1. Start Early: It's recommended to start your search for a wedding ring at least 3 months before the wedding day to allow enough time for customisation and resizing if needed.

2. Consider Lifestyle: Think about your daily activities and choose a ring that suits your lifestyle. If you work with your hands or engage in sports, a more durable and low-maintenance metal like platinum may be a better choice.

3. Find the Perfect Fit: Ensure that the ring fits comfortably on your finger. It's essential to try on different sizes and widths to find the perfect fit. Remember, you'll be wearing this ring every day, so comfort is key.

4. Personalize Your Ring: Add a personal touch to your wedding ring by engraving a special message or your initials. This will make the ring even more meaningful and unique to you and your partner.

5. Consider Matching Bands: If you prefer a coordinated look, consider choosing matching wedding bands with your partner. Matching bands symbolize unity and harmony in your relationship.

Remember, buying a wedding ring is a significant investment, both financially and emotionally. Take your time, explore different options, and choose a ring that speaks to your heart. At Appleby Jewellers Dublin, we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect wedding ring that will be a cherished symbol of your love for years to come.

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