White Gold

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Three Tone Three Ring Pendant €245.00
Cubic Zirconia Rose Stud Earrings €125.00
Pearl Earrings with Cubic Zirconia Surround €175.00
White Gold Solitaire Aquamarine Pendant €275.00
Rose and White Gold Cubic Zirconia Circle Pendant €245.00
Aquamarine and Diamond Pendant €750.00
Blue Topaz Drop Earrings, White Gold €475.00
Pearl and Diamond Bow Drop Earrings €595.00
9ct Rose and White Gold Interlocking Circles Pendant €275.00
Two Tone Gold Hoop Earrings €275.00
Three Tone Beaded Bracelet €275.00
14ct Two Tone 18" Necklace €585.00
Cubic Zirconia Drop Pendant, White Gold €295.00
Blue Topaz Pendant, White Gold €450.00
Two Tone Oval Pendant €259.00
Two Tone Circle Necklace €259.00
3 Tone Knot Style Earrings €155.00
Diamond Cluster Earrings €995.00
Diamond Cluster Flower Shape Earrings €995.00
Pearl and Diamond Earrings €475.00
9ct White Gold Aquamarine and Diamond Studs €695.00
9ct White Gold Diamond Circle Pendant €995.00
9ct Two Tone Diamond Pendant €450.00
14ct Gold Textured Disc Bracelet €495.00
White Gold Amethyst Studs €195.00
9ct Two Tone Studs €175.00
Pearl Drop Earrings White Gold €295.00
Two Tone Beaded Necklace €325.00
Diamond Hoops White Gold €745.00
Three Tone Cubic Zirconia Knot Earrings €275.00
Rose and White Gold Cubic Zirconia Circle Earrings €275.00
Yellow and White Gold Oval Drop Earrings €245.00
3 Tone Gold Drop Earrings €195.00
18ct White Gold Drop Diamond Earrings €875.00
18ct White Gold Pearl and Diamond Drop Earrings €495.00
9ct gold 2 tone knot bracelet €225.00
9ct yellow white and blush (rose) gold circles necklace €325.00
9ct White and Yellow Gold Circular Filigree Drop Earrings €325.00
9ct Gold and Cubic Zirconia 3 Colour Pendant €275.00
9ct Three Tone Heart Necklace €375.00
9ct Rose and White Gold Circle Earrings €220.00
Aquamarine and Diamond Cluster Pendant €1,295.00
14ct Three Tone 17" Necklace €545.00
Pearl and Diamond Pendant €545.00
Two Tone Bracelet €1,345.00
Sapphire and Diamond Earrings €1,295.00
9ct Two Tone Cross Studs €325.00
9ct Three Tone Knot Earrings €325.00
Sapphire and Diamond Earrings €975.00
Two Tone Hoop Earrings €249.00