Our Story

Founders: John and Margaret Appleby

A COMMITMENT THAT SPANS GENERATIONS The Appleby brand was created with a goal to offer the very best to our customers. It is a commitment that has been passed through the generations as our family business has grown to become among the most preeminent jewellers in the world. Margaret Appleby first began our family business in 1950’s Dublin, making jewellery in the family home for a select circle of customers. By 1960 she and her husband John had opened their first store at Johnson’s Court.  Over the following decades Appleby became one of the best loved names in Irish jewellery. Our reputation was established on high standards of customer service and quality workmanship. Appleby's is still owned and managed by the Appleby family.  It's our name that is above the door and we endeavour to honour it in everything we do –  from our exemplary customer service, to offering the most beautiful diamond rings and jewellery.

Each diamond is individually selected in person, by hand and eye, in international markets. Our buying focus, is on brilliance, lustre and value. Our international reputation is notable for what we reject, (about 95%), as much as for the beautiful gems we buy. Each ring is handmade in our own Dublin workshop, using a combination of very ancient skills and the most up to date technology. The finished ring should be the ultimate combination of these materials, skills and design, to provide you with something that is uniquely ‘yours’ and of heirloom quality.

The Appleby Experience
Everybody approaches the purchase of an engagement ring from their own particular perspective. Symbolism, design, price - they all play a role, but this is seldom exactly the same for each person. Our approach is to try and assist you to choose, or indeed design, the perfect ring for you. The rings featured on our website represent our most popular designs at the moment.  Most of them are available at a very wide variety of price points.

Clearly during the current pandemic, your safety is our priority.  Consequently, at the moment, we are primarily meeting people for consultations, on an appointment basis. This allows us to ensure the consultation space is hygienic and allows us to sanitise each individual piece of jewellery that has been handled, between each customer appointment.  Many people are also choosing to have their initial consultation by video-conference, which obviously saves on travel time, (or indeed travel restrictions!), but can also make your visit to our store, all the more productive. It’s up to you and we will be delighted to help you in whatever form suits your needs.