Halo/Vintage Style

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The "Kate Flower" with Emerald Cut Diamond, Platinum €10,950.00
The "Kate Heritage" with Oval Diamond, Platinum €6,295.00
The "Corinne" Radiant Diamond, Diamond Set Band €8,795.00
Vintage Style Cluster Ring, Platinum €5,975.00
The "Kate Flower", Cushion Style, Yellow Gold €10,895.00
The "Corinne" Oval Diamond Yellow Gold €8,995.00
The "Distinguished" Oval Cluster Ring €5,295.00
The "Corinne" with Blue Sapphire, Platinum €3,495.00
Vintage Style Sapphire and Diamond, Platinum €14,995.00
The "Kate" Sapphire and Diamond, Yellow Gold €3,495.00
The "Kate Flower" Ruby and Diamond, Yellow Gold €10,995.00
The "Diana" Emerald and Diamond, Yellow Gold €6,995.00
The "Corinne" with Ruby, Platinum €5,495.00
The "Corinne" Rubellite, Platinum €7,995.00
The "Objet D'art" Sapphire and Diamond Ring €8,795.00
The "Mirage" Tanzanite and Diamond Ring €24,950.00
The "Grand Corinne" with Sapphire, Platinum €5,795.00
The "Kate Flower" Padparadscha Pink Sapphire €4,595.00
Sapphire and Diamond Cluster Ring, White Gold €1,595.00
Ruby and Diamond Ring, Platinum €4,950.00
Sapphire and Diamond Ring, Platinum €4,950.00
The "Corinne" Oval Diamond, Diamond Set Band, 0.83ct total €3,195.00
The "Grand Corinne" Oval Diamond Platinum 1.12ct total €5,095.00