Diamond Rings

For over 60 years and three generations, our diamond engagement rings have been the cornerstone of the reputation of Appleby Jewellers.

Everybody approaches the purchase of an engagement ring from their own particular perspective.  Symbolism, design, price - they all play a role, but this is seldom exactly the same for each person. Our approach is to try and assist you to choose, or indeed design, the perfect ring for you. The rings featured on our website represent our most popular designs at the moment.  Most of them are available at a very wide variety of price points. 

Clearly during the current pandemic, your safety is our priority. Consequently, at the moment, we are primarily meeting people for consultations, on an appointment basis.  This allows us to ensure the consultation space is hygienic and allows us to sanitise each individual piece of jewellery that has been handled, between each customer appointment.  Many people are also choosing to have their initial consultation by video-conference, which obviously saves on travel time, (or indeed travel restrictions!), but can also make your visit to our store, all the more productive. It’s up to you and we will be delighted to help you in whatever form suits your needs.

Please use our online booking system which you can find at the bottom of our homepage.

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The "Veronique", Yellow Gold $4,344.01
The "Ascendance" with Emerald Cut Platinum $4,996.42
The "Pyramid" Eternity Ring, Platinum $4,670.21
The "Decor" Five Stone Ring, Yellow Gold $4,240.71
The "Garland" Ring, Yellow Gold $10,819.24
The "Chantilly" with Emerald and Diamond, Platinum $1,951.81
The "Presence" with Ruby and Diamond, Yellow Gold $3,256.65