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9ct White Gold Ruby and Diamond Pendant with Chain €1,195.00
18ct White Gold Diamond Cluster Pendant and Chain €2,575.00
18ct Open Oval Pendant and Chain €595.00
14cty Citrine Necklace €575.00
18ctw Droplet Pendant with Diamonds €1,195.00
18ctw Sapphire and Diamond Pendant €3,275.00
9ct 5-Stone Diamond Pendant €1,275.00
18ct Multicoloured Sapphire and Diamond 5 Ring Pendant €2,795.00
9ct Two-Tone Twist Round Pendant €2,995.00
18ctw Sapphire and Diamond Pendant €1,595.00
18ct Multi-coloured Sapphire and Diamond Ring Pendant €2,595.00
18ct Multi-coloured Sapphire Pendant €1,795.00
18ct Diamond Mixed Cut Pendant €2,775.00
18ct Pear Marquis and Brilliant Diamond Chain €4,595.00
18ct Rainbow Circles Pendant €2,475.00
18ct Multi Shape Diamond Pendant €2,795.00
Diamond and Yellow Gold Contrast Collar €12,495.00
Sapphire and Diamond Deco Pendant €3,095.00
Yellow Gold Necklace with Multicoloured Stones €3,195.00
Multicoloured Sapphire and Diamond Pendant €1,795.00
Brushed Petal Pendant with Diamonds €1,375.00
Brushed Round Pendant with Centre Diamond €895.00
Brushed Yellow Gold Pendant with Diamond €945.00
Diamond Bezel Pear Pendant €1,195.00
Diamond Bezel Circle Pendant €1,195.00
Yellow Gold Oval Twist Link Chain €1,795.00
Yellow and White Gold Two Tone Neckchain €795.00
Yellow Gold Double Oval Link Chain with Cz Stones €465.00
Yellow Gold Sunflower Necklace €365.00
Yellow Gold Open Oval Link Chain €1,195.00
Intermitent Oval Link Chain €2,750.00
Ruby and Diamond Hexagon Pendant in White Gold €1,595.00
Sapphire and Diamond Hexagon Pendant in White Gold €1,575.00
Pearl Flower Earrings in Yellow Gold €350.00
Pearl Flower Pendant in Yellow Gold €450.00
Yellow Gold Compas Pendant €375.00
Yellow Gold Coloured Stone Long Necklace (36") €1,395.00
9ct Freshwater Pearl 17-inch Necklace €795.00
9ct Freshwater Pearl 18-inch Necklace €495.00
Akoya Pearl 18-inch Necklace €1,295.00
Freshwater Pearl 18-inch Necklace €1,875.00
Pink Freshwater Pearl Strand €2,595.00
9ct Baroque Pearl 18-inch Necklace €1,795.00
Pearl and Pavé Diamond White Gold Eye Pendant €795.00
Pearl and Pavé Diamond Yellow Gold Eye Pendant €695.00
Diamond Baguette and Round Cut Dainty Pendant in White Gold €2,450.00
Yellow Gold Diamond Circle Pendant €2,795.00
Pearl and Pavé-Set Diamond White Gold Pendant €650.00
Oval Pearl and Pavé-Set Diamond Yellow Gold Pendant €650.00
Pearl and Pavé Diamond Yellow Gold Pendant €675.00