An Appleby Diamond Sparkles Like No Other

An Appleby diamond sparkles like no other. We choose only one in 100 diamonds for its beauty and brilliance. Every diamond is expertly and personally selected. We offer more because we care more. 

The ultimate expression of true love, Appleby Engagement Rings feature rare diamonds, are carefully each selected by Gerry Appleby on their quality of cut, colour and clarity, expertly set in platinum, to create a superlative jewel that shines with maximum brilliance.

Your engagement is a promise to your future and choosing a diamond ring is a hugely important investment in your relationship. From cushion-cut, emerald-cut, to oval and pear-shaped, Applebys unique engagement rings are available in a variety of styles.

At Appleby your investment is in safe hands. We have guided countless engaged couples over more than sixty years in business towards choosing the perfect ring for them. Perfect does not mean the most expensive, or the largest diamond. At Appleby, perfect means best value for money and the highest quality in diamond, design and craftsmanship. It means, perfect – for you.

Our expert team will advise you on style and settings, making sure your diamond buying experience is simply magical.

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