Ethical Diamonds

Appleby Jewellers sells only responsibly sourced natural diamonds. This means we purchase only from companies that provide written assurance their diamonds are produced in accordance with the United Nation Kimberly process. The Kimberly process was developed in 2003 by the UN and legitimate diamond producers, to protect the rights and health of workers in the diamond industry.

Natural Diamonds

Formed over three billion years old, and nearly as old as the earth itself, a diamond is indestructible and a diamond quite literally is for eternity.

The resilience of a natural diamond reflects the eternity of love and a diamond is the ultimate symbol of enduring and everlasting love & marks the sentiment of a lifelong commitment between two people.

Every diamond we sell has has passed our strict selection process, and met our environmental and ethical criteria.

The Appleby family is committed to ensuring all our diamonds are sourced in a manner that upholds the social, ethical and environmental ethics we share with our customers. With over 65 years of diamond expertise, we have earned a reputation for selecting the highest standard and quality in the diamonds we buy. We are one of the very few Irish companies who buy direct from the bourse (the diamond trading floor in Antwerp).

Our stringent sourcing procedures, selection processes and certification requirements mean that the diamonds in every piece of Appleby jewellery are GIA certified and 100 per cent conflict-free. We inspect each diamond individually and validate it's associate certificates to ensure we know we are buying only the very best, conflict-free stones.  This is your best guarantee of ethical diamonds.

The Kimberley Process

 Every diamond complies fully with the Kimberly process. The Kimberley Process (KP) is a joint governments, industry and civil society initiative to stem the flow of conflict  diamonds – rough diamonds used by rebel movements to finance wars against legitimate governments. 

 Natural Diamond Mining Supports Local Economies
Mining of natural diamonds has positive impacts on other economic sectors in poor countries all over the world. In addition to generating jobs for local workers, the natural diamond industry also generates billions of dollars worth of benefits to local communities as they help pay for local goods and services to sustain their operations. Many workers get regular wages, healthcare, and other employment benefits.  

Botswana is an example of a country that has benefited from diamond mining. Once one of the poorest nations in the world, it is now a middle-income country thanks to its thriving diamond mining industry. The country is also proof that sustainable and environmentally friendly mining is possible. Together with Canada and Namibia, Botswana maintains some of the highest environmental and ethical employment standards for earth-mined diamonds.The local industry employs about one million people in the diamond cutting industry and that generates economic activity that not only supports local families but helps fund many schools and hospitals in the state.

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