Necklaces buying guide

From prehistoric times when necklaces were often made of bones, shells, feathers or plant material, this important piece of jewellery has played an important part in fashion for both sexes. 

During the earliest times of Ancient Rome, the elite wore necklaces to signify wealth, power and status. Mostly made of metal and adorned with precious stones, right through history, the necklace has graced the neckline of women to accompany fashionable gowns. Even to this day, a necklace will not only appear elegant but will also enhance your personality. As a general rule, a necklace can be of any length of precious metal (or rope, material or fabric if that’s your trend) or gemstones. The range is vast and can include pendant styles that feature a single diamond or gemstone, or a pearl suspended from a chain.

Necklaces vary enormously; however, gold and other precious metals remain popular, and pearl necklaces are timeless and are often handed down as heirlooms. 

Choosing your style

  • Metal chains – these are always in fashion and go with any type of clothing, and an 18-inch gold; sterling silver or platinum chain is a very useful jewellery accessory. 
  • Necklaces – the list is vast style-wise, and it’s very much down to individual taste when choosing. However, gemstones, heavily linked chains, or braids are just a few that appeal to the wearer.
  • Pearl strands - these are timeless and go with almost any piece of clothing, from an elegant gown to a plain jumper with trousers. A pearl necklace will always be an attractive addition.
  • Solitaire pendants - a single solitaire necklace is a must for the diamond lover and is the classic must-have and can be worn with a ball gown, day dress, or even a pair of jeans.

Choosing the right length of necklace

It’s advisable to study the length from the guide below.

Choker length – this is 16 inches and will allow the necklace to lie just above the collarbones with the emphasis on the neckline. Usually referred to as the choker length, this type of necklace is suitable for shirts and high necklines.

Princess length – at 18 inches, this is the most common length and hangs over the collarbones.

Opera length – Also called a matinee necklace, this style is 24 inches and is usually worn with a dress or blouse. 

Rope length - normally 30 inches or longer; these are usually worn without a pendant and can be wound around the neck several times to create an attractive, stylish look.

Pendants and necklaces as gifts

Jewellery is often bought as a special occasion gift such as birthday, wedding, or anniversary gifts, and there are many styles to choose from. It’s often sentimental to choose a birthstone when buying a necklace as a gift, and surely, it’s one that would be treasured.

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