Engagement Ring Ideas

When it comes to finding the perfect engagement ring, we have a stunning selection so every bride can discover a piece that reflects her unique style and personality. The engagement ring is not just a symbol of love and commitment, but also a statement of individuality and taste. In this article, we will explore the importance of natural diamonds, delve into the history of engagement rings, and provide tips on picking the right style for the modern bride-to-be.

The Sentiment Of Diamonds

These exquisite gemstones are formed deep within the earth over millions of years, making them incredibly rare and precious. Natural diamonds symbolize enduring love and are a timeless choice for engagement rings. Their brilliance and sparkle are unmatched, making them the perfect choice to celebrate a lifelong commitment.

The Tradition Behind Diamond Engagement Rings

The tradition of giving engagement rings dates back centuries. Ancient Egyptians believed that the circle of the ring symbolized eternity, while the opening in the center represented a gateway to the future. In ancient Rome, engagement rings were often made of iron, symbolizing strength and permanence. It wasn't until the 15th century that diamond engagement rings gained popularity, thanks to the influence of European royalty. Today, engagement rings are a cherished tradition that continues to evolve with modern trends and styles.

The Toi Et Moi Ring

Toi et moi engagement rings, composed of two stones set on a single band, have been around for centuries (they date back to Napoleonic times). Though they’ve surged in popularity in recent years, they were actually put back on the map a few decades ago by Jackie Kennedy and this enduring style is in vogue at the moment.
The Toi Et Moi ring showcases a pair of oval and pear-shaped natural diamonds side by side, representing the joining of two individuals joining together. Certified by the GIA as natural diamond of D colour, the best colour one can get, set in platinum, with your choice of either a platinum or an 18ct yellow gold band.
You can view our Toi Et Moi style ring here.

The Modern Romantic...

'The Finesse' design is a beautiful and romantic choice for an engagement ring. This exquisite piece boasts a 0.72 carat natural diamond with a D colour and triple excellent cut for maximum sparkle.

The Traditionalist, with a twist...

Beyond the classics, these enduring styles have been reinterpreted our classics with new design details. For those who appreciate tradition but want a unique twist, the "J'adore" Brilliant Diamond with Pavé Band in Yellow Gold is the perfect choice. The pavé band adds a touch of sparkle and modernity to the classic solitaire design.

Timeless & Classic Bride

These engagement rings have stood the test of time. For those who appreciate timeless elegance, the Appleby J'adore Solitaire is the epitome of classic beauty. With its simple yet sophisticated design, this ring showcases the natural solitaire diamond in all its glory, allowing its brilliance to take centre stage.
Our J'adore Radiant Ring engagement ring is showcases our expert diamond cutting. Its detailed facets create exceptional sparkle, making it a particular stunning option for your special engagement ring.
Finally, the J'adore Oval Solitaire ring, has been one of the most popular choices in recent years.  Crafted in our Dublin workshop using 18 carat gold and set with platinum claws, this ring features a particularly elongated 1.01 carat natural diamond, certified by GIA as D color with excellent cutting. The elongated oval shape of the diamond adds real grace to this timeless piece. This ring is the perfect choice for those who appreciate timeless elegance.

The Vintage Lover

The glories of decades past are embodied in these special engagement ring creations. Brides who are drawn to the grace, style and elegance of bygone times will adore the opulent details of these vintage rings.
The 'Corrine' is a nod to the timeless beauty of the past. With its intricate details and romantic design, this ring captures the essence of vintage glamour.
The Kate Heritage design is a beautiful and romantic choice for an engagement ring. This exquisite piece boasts a 1.25 carat natural diamond with a D colour, with an excellent cut for maximum sparkle and set in platinum.
For the bride-to-be who loves the glamour and sophistication of the Art Deco era, an Art Deco Style ring is a perfect match. With its geometric shapes and intricate details, our Art Deco Style is fused with a modern touch, showcases a hand-selected, emerald-cut diamond encircled by a beautiful floral pattern of diamonds.

Trilogy Rings

The three stones in a trilogy ring each have their own symbolic meaning. The centre stone is usually the largest and represents the present.The past stone celebrates the memories and experiences that have brought the couple to where they are now & the future stone represents the hopes and dreams that the couple has for their future together.
Together, the three stones symbolize the love, loyalty, and commitment that are at the heart of any successful relationship.
We have a stunning collection of trilogy rings, The Rose Trilogy is a stunning choice with three round brilliant diamonds, and our "Tranquility" with Radiant Cut & Trilliant Sides features an exceptional radiant-cut diamond flanked by two trillion-cut diamonds on either side. 

The Regal Bride...

For a touch of regal elegance, the "Kate" ring with Sapphire and Diamond in Yellow Gold is a perfect choice. The vibrant blue sapphire adds a pop of color and a sense of royalty to the traditional engagement ring.The striking blue hue, paired with its unparalleled radiance, creates an exquisitely beautiful and unique design. This ring style has become an enduring symbol of regal elegance, made famous by Lady Diana. 

The Bride who loves a pop-of-colour

Love colour? For those who want to make a bold statement, a Pink Sapphire Ring is a stand-out choice. The vibrant pink sapphire adds a pop of color and a sense of playfulness to the traditional engagement ring. Natural pink sapphires are both rare and beautiful gemstones,and have grown in popularity in recent years due to their extremely beautiful shade of pink and the excellent light reflection inherent in these stones. 
You can browse our selection of Pink Sapphire Rings here.

Stand Out With A Yellow Diamond Ring

Have you considered a yellow diamond? If you want a diamond engagement ring that stands out from the crowd, and that will be completely unique to you, then a yellow diamond engagement ring may be the way to go. Applebys have one of the best collection of yellow diamonds available in Ireland.
Our Ascot - Yellow Diamond is a stunning trilogy ring features a brilliant 2.10ct oval yellow diamond, accented by 1.53ct of sparkling oval diamonds. Crafted in platinum, with a platinum band, this piece is expertly designed.
With its beautiful yellow colour and remarkable craftsmanship, this ring is an excellent choice for a unique engagement ring, or for those with a discerning taste for exquisite gemstones.
Browse our selection of Yellow Diamond collection below.
When it comes to finding the perfect engagement ring, we are here to help every bride can discover a design that reflects her unique style and personality, and that she will love and adore. You can view our Top picks from our collection here: Top Picks

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