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Ruby & Diamond Bracelet

Ruby & Diamond Bracelet

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This stunning bracelet is expertly crafted in 18k white gold and embellished with a captivating combination of round brilliant cut diamonds and rubies. The diamonds and rubies have a combined carat weight of 4.7 carats, showcasing exceptional brilliance and sparkle that catch the eye.

The rubies, totaling 3.15 carats, add a regal touch of vibrant red, creating a striking contrast against the white gold setting. Each diamond and ruby is securely set in a meticulously crafted setting, allowing them to shine with utmost brilliance.

The 18k white gold setting not only enhances the natural beauty of the gemstones but also provides a luxurious backdrop, resulting in a harmonious composition. This bracelet is a true masterpiece that would make a superb gift to mark a milestone birthday or anniversary.



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